Shipping cost - 35$

Delivery time 2-4 business days (excluding the day of dispatch, weekends and holidays)

Delivery times is approximate. The seller is not responsible for any delays caused by unforeseen circumstances that were not caused by the seller and that could not have been foreseen.




Please note, in some countries, parcels may be subject to customs duties, which are determined by the customs of the country of destination. The amount of customs payments can be approximately 10-30% of the purchase price.
Any import duties and taxes are the responsibility of the recipient and can be collected at time of delivery.

It is easy to pay customs fees. After delivery to the country of destination, you can pay the tax by following the link that you will receive via SMS from DHL along with your invoice number. All you have to do is pay your tax online. You do not have to communicate with representatives of the customs service, as the tax amount is calculated automatically.

**If the recipient refuses delivery of their order due to a customs charge your package will be considered abandoned and disposed of by the shipping carrier and therefore, your order is not eligible for a refund**

**Once order ships and is in transit it is not possible to cancel the order**




If the product is in stock, the package will be sent to the customer within 1-2 business days.

If the Customer has place a pre-order for the product, the package will be dispatched within 1-2 business days from the moment the goods arrive at the warehouse. The date of arrival of the goods at the warehouse is indicated in the conditions of pre-order in the description of the goods.

If the Customer has placed an order for several products, where at least one of the items is on pre-order, then the parcel will be sent to the Customer when the pre-ordered product arrives at the warehouse. 




After sending the parcel, we will send tracking number to your email address. 

If you have not received an order confirmation or tracking number from us, please check Spam folder or contact customer support at