Can I refuse to receive my parcel?
If your parcel has left our warehouse and is in transit, the order technically cannot be canceled and returned to our warehouse due to re-import to Russia is not carried out. Please read the information on DHL website following the link
What will happen to my parcel if I refuse it?
If the Customer does not receive the parcel within 10 calendar days from the moment of arrival in the destination country, the parcel will be disposed of by default by carrier without a refund.
When will the parcel be destroyed?
Usually DHL keeps the parcels for 7-10 calendar days from the moment the parcel arrives in the destination country. You can check the exact dates at your local DHL office.
I contacted the local DHL office and they informed that the parcel can be returned to the sender.
Please read the information on DHL official website following the link or contact DHL Russia for the correct information.
Is it possible to extend the storage period for the parcel?
Please contact your local DHL office.
I am away from home and cannot receive my parcel.
Please contact DHL for extended storage.
I was not informed about the terms of delivery
The Customer was familiar with the Shipping policy and Terms&Conditions and signed the Terms&Conditions Agreement when placing the order. Therefore any claims will be declined.